Nik Nak Pandy Blogger Program

If you would love Nik Nak Pandy Merchandise for free? Or if you just would want to earn money?

Blogger Policy:
Over 500 or more connections on your popular social media channel or blog.When post on your social medias, for example like instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc, please put item links or the link of home page on it.

We will provide a fixed reward.
When posted on your social media, please email us the link.
Nik Nak Pandy reserves the right to use the your photos for commercial, if you do not agree, please inform us in advance.

Easy Step by Step Blogger:
1. Email us.
2. Contact us with the clothing request.
3. We will send you the clothing for Free.
4. You take pictures.
5. Post on social media and putting our item link or home page link.
6. Contact us with the link and get your reward.